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Begin with your free phone consultation. This gives us the opportunity to speak in depth and advise a unique plan of action.

Choose A Plan

Every dog is different.  Not sure if you should choose private lessons or a stay and train?  We can help you find what's best suited to your dog, and you.


The time is now, big changes are coming your way!  Get ready to embark on a custom tailored training plan with your best friend.  The sky is the limit!


Find unlimited support offered within our packages.  Take advantage of exclusive access to Navi K9's trainers for questions or concerns as they come.




What better way to learn how to navigate the real world with your dog, other than training directly in it? Instead of learning in an isolated classroom environment, hit the ground running and train where it counts.

One (1) hour of custom private training where we teach you exactly what to do on every step whether it's obedience, behavior modification, service task training*, tricks or scent detection - at any location of choice. This is highly beneficial when trying to create or correct behaviours in real world scenarios. Perfect for dogs of any age and temperament, never too young or too old to start.

*Contact us for more information on service dog training.

Recommended tools are an additional cost.




Need us to take the wheel and help get you through the rough spots? We understand that not everyone has the ability to dedicate the undivided attention necessary to successfully teach their dog new, lasting behaviours. We love what we do, and would be more than happy to give your dog the jumpstart they need! We train each dog multiple times throughout the day based on their own individual goals and yes, they stay overnight. Don’t worry, we transfer all the skills over to you at the return lesson to make sure you’re up to speed and confident to take over.
Programs starting at $2200 (taxes in).
Recommended tools are an additional cost.  Exclusive access to Navi K9’s support and advice for 3 months following the stay.  Return lesson and follow up lesson included.



2 Weeks - Suitable for dogs without any underlying aggression, looking for continuation of basic obedience after attending private sessions* (or as per trainer recommendations.)

3 Weeks - Suitable for dogs with mild aggression or dogs who exhibit out of control behaviours such as excitability, over stimulated reactions, bad house and/or leash manners.

4, 5, or 6 Weeks (Tools Included) - Suitable for dogs with moderate to severe aggression and dogs with bite histories.  Also beneficial to dogs who are aiming for advanced obedience and achieving off leash capabilities.  Stays longer than 6 weeks may be recommended for certain cases.

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